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Discover how musicians can effectively grow a raving fanbase and utilize modern music marketing strategies to generate a full-time income from music without feeling stuck, lost and overwhelmed.

Gain Your Strategic Advantage:
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Get More Fans

We use effective strategies that help artists to be discovered by new potential fans, even if they have never heard of them before.

Income From Music

Not only will the music marketing system continuously attract new fans, but it will also help to turn fans into customers who financially support your music.

Professional Branding

A proper brand boosts your standing and reputation so people start taking you seriously as an artist. 
Be recognized as a professional top-tier artist, not an amateur.

More Streams & Views

We've helped artists to get hundreds of thousands of streams and views for their music. Gain the recognition and attention you truly deserve.

Why Do Many Musicians "Fail"?

Unfortunately, many musicians struggle to grow a large fanbase, reach the right audience, and make a living from their music. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN?

  • They attempt to do everything on their own, make numerous mistakes, waste a significant amount of time, and eventually experience burnout.
  • They invest all their effort, money, and time into producing a new album only to discover that no one actually cares about their music. Then, they repeat the cycle.
  • They procrastinate and feel like it's never the "right time" to seek professional guidance and learn about the things that truly make a difference.
  • They fail to treat their music career as a legitimate business and hesitate to invest in themselves, their knowledge, and proper music marketing.
  • They have no idea what they're doing and believe that constantly posting content on social media or boosting random posts qualifies as marketing.
  • They focus on playing as many gigs as possible, but there is limited interest as they are not yet well-known. It is crucial to prioritize growing a fanbase first before focusing on gigs. 

The Fastest Way To SKYROCKET Your Music Career In Today's Times

[ ...WITHOUT Non-Stop Content Creation, Social Media Mania, Constant Gigging & Spamming Links All Over The Internet! ]

Your Music Success Plan

Personal 1:1 Mentorship

With all the risks, uncertainties, costs, and struggles, it can be a painful and stressful experience to try to do it all alone. This is why many musicians give up on trying to figure things out by themselves. However, it doesn't have to be that way because there is a better option.

The fastest way to succeed is to find someone who has already achieved what you want to achieve and have that person help you reach the same level. Remember, "You can't buy love, but you can buy success." Investing in mentorship, knowledge, and coaching is not a cost; it's an investment in yourself, your music, and your future.

  • 1:1 Mentorship
  • Professional Mentors
  • Implement Together

Holistic Music Marketing Framework

We've compiled all the strategies, methods, and hacks into an easy-to-follow and implement music marketing framework that anyone can use.

It's a battle-tested framework that has proven to be effective. This path serves as your shortcut to joining the top 5% of independent musicians who consistently grow their fanbase and make a living from their music.

It's not luck or magic; it's simply effective marketing.

Simple & Effective Processes

We break down the process of generating fans and making a living from music into basic building blocks, similar to Lego, and guide you on how to assemble them for success. Simply follow the process we have outlined for you.

We have well-established processes in place that encompass artist and music business development, music promotion (organic and paid), music marketing funnels, monetization, and scaling.

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

 THE process 

Let's Build Your Successful Music Career Together!


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Preliminary Discussion
In a brief conversation, we will take a closer look at your current situation. This helps us determine if and how we can support you in the best way possible.


Working Together
Together, we'll craft a tailored roadmap for your music career, leveraging proven strategies that have propelled other artists to success.


Tobias Rauscher is a solo acoustic guitarist, music marketing specialist, and founder of FanbasePRO.

He worked in the music industry and then focused on promoting his own music. He successfully made a full-time living as an independent musician, receiving endorsements from some of the industry's biggest brands and traveling the world to perform shows.

Now, he has made it his mission to teach his music marketing and monetization strategies and guide fellow independent musicians.

Customers served! 299300 MUSIC VIDEO VIEWS
Customers served! 299300 SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWERS

Get More Fans Now

Music video views increased to over 30,000 within a month

"I've gone through the whole program already and have to say that you made a really great program. I optimized and re-uploaded my band's video. Results are really great. Within a month we have more than 30k views, more and more comments, likes etc.".

Marcin Kujawa

From 5,000 to 10,000,000 music video views in 18 months

"I went from having less than 5 thousand views a year to now over 10 million in the last 18 months (and growing)! It's allowed me to go back to being full time as a musician without having to do any live shows although I do plan to return to doing those soon. I just wanted to say thanks for training musicians. Your teaching has been a part of my journey in music".

Josh Snodgrass
Fingerstyle Guitarist

Are you still unsure if FanbasePRO is right for you? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the right time to join?

The answer is simple: the earlier you start, the better! Waiting for that "perfect moment" might just leave you with a bunch of what-ifs.

Aim for a solid three months to really get the hang of things. If you only want to start once your next release is ready to launch, you're three months too late at minimum.

What is the primary focus of the program?

Imagine having a toolbox that's packed with everything you need for the music biz – from managing yourself, crafting your brand, to growing your fanbase both organically and with a bit of ad magic, all the way to making sales and scaling up. That's what we're providing – a holistic one-stop-shop to boost and earn from your music career.

How much time do I need per week?

FanbasePRO is all about making the most out of every minute you've got. Whether you're juggling gigs or another job, we know time is precious. We suggest setting aside at least three hours a week to focus on your music career. Think of it as a time investment that'll save you from the trial and error of years, fast-tracking your way to success. 

How much does it all cost?

Since the investment depends on several factors such as duration and desired level of support, we cannot provide a fixed price here. You will receive a personalized solution tailored to your specific needs, with collaboration between you and our expert team.

Once we have gathered sufficient information about you and your goals, we will be able to provide you with transparent pricing during the free preliminary discussion. 

May we join the program together as a band?

Yes, you can join the program together and all benefit from the lessons, strategies, and mentoring.

What if I don’t have proper music yet?

The earlier you learn the strategies, the better. Many musicians spend months in the studio, invest thousands in recording, and then struggle to gain traction.

Ideally, you should learn the strategies and methods before releasing your music. Even if you already have great music out there, this program will help you grow your fanbase much faster and significantly increase your revenue.

I don't have a following. Will this program work for me?

Absolutely! In fact, it is specifically designed for someone with or without a following to come to the appropriate place in the program and hit the ground running. You will learn how to do this even if you have no following and not a single person on the planet knows who you are.

My music is old - does it work?

Even if you released music in the past, there are still millions of potential fans who have yet to discover it. We aim to cultivate your existing catalog's audience, ensuring a robust fanbase for future releases, potentially even finding that older tracks outperform the new.

This strategy enhances each release's impact and avoids the letdown of songs going unheard. We suggest holding off on new music until a solid fanbase is established, maximizing engagement and success.

My genre is super niche - will it still work?

Our strategies are effective regardless of the genre of music you make.
We have worked with many musicians across various genres and have found that as long as your music is well produced and has an audience (existing market) our methods will work for you.

How much do I have to spend on advertising?

First, you don't have to rely solely on paid advertising strategies as we also emphasize organic music marketing. However, utilizing paid advertising can yield rapid results. The amount you invest in advertising depends on your desired returns and the speed of your growth. You can start with as little as 1 EUR/USD per day during the testing phase and gradually increase your budget. We recommend beginning with around 5 to 10 EUR/USD per day.

We can delve into this topic further during the strategy session.