The Art of Music Promotion: Modern Tactics to Gain More Listeners, Attention & Fame

Your Holistic Music Marketing Success Plan

FanbasePRO Mentoring is a 3-month mentorship program that provides the blueprint and support needed to start, grow, and scale music businesses without the trial and error. By duplicating the success of Tobias and his clients, you can turn your passion for music into a profitable music career WITHOUT a record label, industry contacts or constant social media postings.

The program takes a holistic approach to music marketing. In addition to providing you with exact blueprints and strategies, Tobias and his team will work with you in mentoring and implementation sessions. They will guide you throughout the program to ensure you get the best possible results.


In the first phase, you'll discover the core principles of Music Industry 2.0 and master the skills necessary for a successful career in music. You will also go through an artist development program to build a strong brand and artist identity.


The second phase is all about modern music promotion strategies. We take a holistic approach and combine organic as well as paid advertising strategies to grow your fanbase, streams, and music video views around the world.


In phase three, you'll discover the secrets of building a successful and profitable music business by learning how to develop a fully automated system that generates six-figure revenue. Let the tools and systems do the heavy lifting for you.


Finally, phase four is all about scaling. You'll learn how to constantly promote your music to the right audience, attracting raving fans who support and buy from you. You will also learn some great growth hacks that allow you to grow quickly.

Personal 1:1 Mentorship

We will work personally with you on your music career to make sure you stay on track and implement everything correctly.

Successful Musicians VS Musicians That Fail
(Your Music Is Only Part Of The Equation)

What makes or breaks your career as a musician is how well you market yourself and your music to the right people - people who’re likely to enjoy and appreciate your music. Even if it’s super nichy, every genre still has its audience. The key is to find that audience. You need to find your audience, your potential superfans, and put your music in front of them.

The new way of smart music marketing enables you to do just that.

Here Are Some Client Results


Let's Build Your Successful Music Career Together!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the right time to join?

The answer is simple: the earlier you start, the better! Waiting for that "perfect moment" might just leave you with a bunch of what-ifs.

Aim for a solid three months to really get the hang of things. If you only want to start once your next release is ready to launch, you're three months too late at minimum.

What is the primary focus of the program?

Imagine having a toolbox that's packed with everything you need for the music biz – from managing yourself, crafting your brand, to growing your fanbase both organically and with a bit of ad magic, all the way to making sales and scaling up. That's what we're providing – a holistic one-stop-shop to boost and earn from your music career.

How much time do I need per week?

FanbasePRO is all about making the most out of every minute you've got. Whether you're juggling gigs or another job, we know time is precious. We suggest setting aside at least three hours a week to focus on your music career. Think of it as a time investment that'll save you from the trial and error of years, fast-tracking your way to success. 

How much does it all cost?

Since the investment depends on several factors such as duration and desired level of support, we cannot provide a fixed price here. You will receive a personalized solution tailored to your specific needs, with collaboration between you and our expert team.

Once we have gathered sufficient information about you and your goals, we will be able to provide you with transparent pricing during the free preliminary discussion. 

May we join the program together as a band?

Yes, you can join the program together and all benefit from the lessons, strategies, and mentoring.

What if I don’t have proper music yet?

The earlier you learn the strategies, the better. Many musicians spend months in the studio, invest thousands in recording, and then struggle to gain traction.

Ideally, you should learn the strategies and methods before releasing your music. Even if you already have great music out there, this program will help you grow your fanbase much faster and significantly increase your revenue.

I don't have a following. Will this program work for me?

Absolutely! In fact, it is specifically designed for someone with or without a following to come to the appropriate place in the program and hit the ground running. You will learn how to do this even if you have no following and not a single person on the planet knows who you are.

My music is old - does it work?

Even if you released music in the past, there are still millions of potential fans who have yet to discover it. We aim to cultivate your existing catalog's audience, ensuring a robust fanbase for future releases, potentially even finding that older tracks outperform the new.

This strategy enhances each release's impact and avoids the letdown of songs going unheard. We suggest holding off on new music until a solid fanbase is established, maximizing engagement and success.

My genre is super niche - will it still work?

Our strategies are effective regardless of the genre of music you make.
We have worked with many musicians across various genres and have found that as long as your music is well produced and has an audience (existing market) our methods will work for you.

How much do I have to spend on advertising?

First, you don't have to rely solely on paid advertising strategies as we also emphasize organic music marketing. However, utilizing paid advertising can yield rapid results. The amount you invest in advertising depends on your desired returns and the speed of your growth. You can start with as little as 1 EUR/USD per day during the testing phase and gradually increase your budget. We recommend beginning with around 5 to 10 EUR/USD per day.

We can delve into this topic further during the strategy session.